Technology and R&D

As a leading copper products manufacturer and solutions provider, Halcor maintains strong competitive advantage by combining a customer-centric strategy with a strong technology development focus and an emphasis on high quality processes and products that ensure customer satisfaction. 
Halcor is investing heavily in R&D with the objective to maintain state-of-the-art facilities, introduce technology improvements in various metallurgical applications and offer cutting-edge products and integrated solutions that address specific customer needs. As an active member of the Hellenic Research Centre for Metals (ELKEME), Halcor also supports broader efforts to promote new technology R&D in the copper sector and is able to accumulate significant knowledge and expertise in production process and product improvements to meet the most demanding and diversified customer requirements. 
Halcor is also a founding member of the Hellenic Copper Development Institute, actively involved in educational programs by providing materials, hosting and financing specialised seminars across Greece. Through HCDI, a member of the European Copper Institute (ECI), Halcor is actively involved in major research projects concerning copper’s impact on human health and the environment. 
Moreover, Halcor implements effective quality management processes and aims to continuously expand its portfolio with new, improved products and applications. For Halcor, high quality is a strategic choice, a competitive advantage and a matter of business responsibility. Throughout all stages of production, Halcor implements strict and extensive quality control processes, leveraging the experience of specialized and highly trained staff to ensure top standards across its product portfolio. Quality control processes are verified by frequent customer inspections and audits carried out by independent Greek and international certification bodies.
Finally, placing customers at the centre of its strategy, Halcor has gained recognition as a reliable solution provider that closely follows market developments to better address changing and expanding customer needs. Enjoying long-term and trusted relationships with its customers, Halcor places strong emphasis on response time to requests, as well as on the ability to offer comprehensive product support services. In this context, services are adjusted to any technical client request. As part of tailored-made agreements, Halcor’s engineers visit customer plants to identify the products and services required based on their specialised needs. 
In this context, one of Halcor’s main competitive advantages is its central production plant in Oinofyta, one of the biggest in Europe and one of the few to offer such an extensive range of products. Based on this capability, Halcor has emerged as a true one-stop-shop that customers can trust for high quality products, reliable and comprehensive services, all provided out of the same facility. Halcor’s reliability, speed of response to demand and product support services ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and constitute the company a trusted partner for many successful customers. 
Proof of Halcor's successful strategy and ability to offer comprehensive services and product improvements is the establishment of the innovative Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory at Halcor’s plant in Oinofyta. The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory has been developed according to international standards. It allows to Halcor to manufacture TALOS® Inner-Groove Tubes (IGT) and TALOS® ACR tubes based on different customer specifications, as well as introduce improvements in specific product applications.
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