Organizational structure on Sustainable Development

In order to improve its performance in the Sustainable Development sector and to comprehensively manage Sustainable Development issues in everything it does, in 2009 HALCOR set up a Corporate Responsibility Team. This team:
  • Consists of people from the company’s Divisions, coordinated by the Strategic Planning Division which reports to General Management.
  • Continuously monitors the company’s progress in achieving its Sustainable Development objectives
  • Each month examines issues that have arisen and plans the relevant actions that need to be taken.
HALCOR’s general management team conveys major Sustainable Development issues to the Board of Directors via quarterly reports that cover the entire range of company operations. In addition, the Board of Directors briefs shareholders about the company’s CSR issues in the Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Report which is published each year. This report is distributed to shareholders at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

Capitalising on this structure, the company’s senior management can ensure that it remains well-briefed, that it is in control and that it can responsibly manage issues relating to the financial, environmental and social aspects of its operations.
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