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Copper & Health

Halcor is a member of the Copper Alliance and supports the Antimicrobial Copper initiative in raising awareness of Antimicrobial Copper’s ability to combat infectious bacteria in healthcare facilities, mass transit, educational and office facilities.
Moreover, Halcor has received approval from the Hellenic Copper Development Institute, which is supported by the international network of 24 copper centers ICA, to use the Cu+® brand, name and mark. Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® products constitute an integrated category of materials that are proven to be more effective than any other product, in continuously killing microbes that cause infections. The use of Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® in touch surfaces, as well as air and ventilation systems and medical gas networks has been proven to be more effective in the continuous elimination of bacteria that cause serious and dangerous infections, compared to the use of other materials. This is a scientific validation, backed by peer-reviewed published laboratory and clinical research and independent verification, through the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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