Materiality analysis

To identify and prioritise the most important Sustainable Development issues related to its operations, HALCOR uses a specific materiality analysis procedure to identify key Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development issues.
In the procedure implemented, the key criterion for prioritising important issues was the fact that the opinion of HALCOR's stakeholders was obtained and taken into consideration, coupled with the degree of risk associated with each issue.
The methodology and procedure used in that workshop are summarised below. The process of prioritising key issues is repeated each year to capture any changes and to incorporate any new trends (details about the procedure the HALCOR follows are contained in the 2012 Sustainable Development Report, p. 40-41).
The following figure shows the prioritisation of material issues of HALCOR, as arising after the relevant reviewed procedure implemented in accordance with the GRI-G4 guidelines.
HALCOR utilises the results of prioritising key Sustainable Development issues to plan its actions and set targets to achieve continuous improvements.
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