Responsible procurement

For HALCOR, its suppliers are key business partners, as the quality of materials and supplies is directly related to its products. Managing suppliers is a critical factor in the development of HALCOR and for that reason the Company implements specific procedures to manage its suppliers.

Supplier Evaluation and Selection

In procurement:

• Specific procedures are followed that aim to ensure that specifications are complied with and that the quality of supplies and the end product are safeguarded.

• Policies are implemented to check the specifications of materials that are ordered and received. In cases of non-compliance suppliers are sent the results in the form of a complaint and HALCOR awaits improvements to be made.

• HALCOR, if necessary, takes part in trial production runs at its suppliers’ facilities and evaluates the results.


The supplier evaluation/selection criteria include environmental criteria, and corporate responsibility criteria, among others.

Suppliers and Environmental Management

HALCOR has begun promoting Sustainable Development practices in its supply chain. When evaluating suppliers we attach particular importance to compliance with an Environmental Management System that conforms to the ISO 14001:2004 standard. In certain cases, though, it is vital that suppliers have such a system in place. When certain materials are being ordered, it is vital that there is a certificate of compliance with the REACH Regulation and that the relevant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are sent.

Protecting the Health and Safety of Associates

HALCOR’s concern for health and safety is not limited solely to its own people but also extends to its associates. The safety rules applicable to our employees are mandatory for contractors carrying out work at the HALCOR’s facilities. In order for HALCOR to be able to commence collaboration with any supplier it is an essential step that the contractor fills out and signs a special form in which it warrants that:
  • Its people are insured with the relevant social security funds (detailed checks are then carried out so that HALCOR).
  • It takes all necessary safety measures specified by law that are appropriate to the nature of the specific project being carried out.
  • It complies with all the provisions of HALCOR’s occupational Health and Safety regulations.

Supporting local suppliers

HALCOR is always there for the local community and encourages the growth and development of the local market across the board in all areas where it operates. When evaluating potential suppliers, it views the fact that they come from the local area in a positive light, and wherever feasible collaborates with suppliers and contractors locally (from the wider Evia and Viotia areas).

Purchasing recyclables (scrap)

HALCOR combines economic efficiency with environmental protection (by reducing the waste generated), preserves natural resources (by reducing the amount of raw materials used), and is using increasing quantities of scrap metals as raw materials. As a result, HALCOR has become Greece’s largest recycler of copper, zinc and their alloys.


Scrap is an exceptionally useful secondary raw material with major environmental value.

Supplier Code of Conduct

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