Bulgarian Hospital Announces Antimicrobial Copper Installation in New ICU

Medline Hospital in Bulgaria has announced its new 16-bed intensive care unit will be equipped with antimicrobial copper touch surfaces. The installation is intended to complement existing infection control procedures and help protect the hospital's most vulnerable patients from the spread of infection.
We are currently building and equipping our new intensive care unit, where antimicrobial copper will be used for the most frequently-touched surfaces,' says Dr Angel Enchev, co-owner of Medline Hospital in Plovdiv. 'The advantages of an antimicrobial copper installation are the decrease of healthcare-associated infections, a reduced spend for the hospital on antibiotics and faster recovery times for patients.'
The news follows a trial conducted by the hospital to assess the impact of antimicrobial copper touch surfaces on patient outcomes.
Frequently-touched surfaces were replaced with solid copper alloy equivalents in two rooms in Surgery and Urology, and one room in Endocrinology. These 'antimicrobial copper' surfaces were bed rails, door and furniture handles, wheel chair arms and work surfaces.
'The number of infections in our hospital departments decreased by a third after installing antimicrobial copper surfaces, and this happened within a period of just five months,' says Dr Stefan Vasilev, Department Head for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at Medline Hospital. 'We recommend our colleagues in emergency units in other hospitals also apply this approach to help prevent infections.'
Iliana Nikolova (Sofia Med), Dr. Angel Enchev (Medline), Dr Panos Efstathiou (Scientific Consultant, HCDI), Nick Vergopoulos (HCDI), Dr Krum Nanev (SONICO), George Catsambis (Sofia Med).
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