New Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory Optimizes Copper Tube Performance



New Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory Optimizes Copper Tube Performance 
A complete framework of technical customer support ensuring high efficiency and performance
HALCOR S.A. is continuously aiming to be positioned as a credible solution partner that offers total quality solutions, customized to meet individual customer needs. This strategic focus is supported by ongoing company investments in R&D and a newly established Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory dedicated to performance measurement and R&D of plain and inner-grooved TALOS® tubes. 
The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory is located within HALCOR’s Inofita plant, where TALOS® Inner-Groove Tubes (IGT) and TALOS® ACR tubes are manufactured, according to international standards and customer specifications. IGT seamless copper tubes feature internal grooves whose geometry significantly enhances the amount of heat transferred through the internal medium. Typical applications of IGT copper tubes include fin-and-tube condenser and evaporator coils for air-conditioning, refrigeration, chiller, as well as, heat-pump applications.
The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory gives HALCOR the capability to incorporate test results in a complete framework of technical support to customers to ensure improved efficiency, higher capacity, reduction of raw material and other significant benefits. 
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