Chillventa International Fair 2014 - HALCOR Presents New Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory


Chillventa International Fair 2014 - HALCOR Presents New Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory that Optimizes Copper Tube Performance
A complete framework of technical support allowing heat-exchanger manufacturers to ensure efficiency and performance
HALCOR successfully participated at the Chillventa International Fair 2014, along with other market leaders and experts in Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR), who met in Nürnberg, Germany on October 14-16. During this year’s Fair, HALCOR focused on its capabilities as a solution partner that offers total quality solutions, customized to meet individual customer needs. This strategic focus is supported with ongoing company investments in R&D and a newly established Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory dedicated to performance measurement and R&D of plain and inner-grooved tubes for heat-exchangers. 
The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory is located within HALCOR’s Inofita plant, where TALOS® Inner-Groove Tubes (IGT) and TALOS® ACR tubes are manufactured, according to international standards and customer specifications. IGT seamless copper tubes feature internal grooves whose geometry significantly enhances the amount of heat transferred through the internal medium. Typical applications of IGT copper tubes include fin-and-tube condenser and evaporator coils for air-conditioning, refrigeration, chiller, as well as, heat-pump applications.
HALCOR’s production technology for TALOS® IGT copper tubes enables the manufacture of advanced inner-groove designs for a complete range of sizes, starting from 16mm outside diameter down to the new generation microgroove® tubes with an outside diameter of 5mm or less. HALCOR is one of the few manufacturers worldwide to have this capability. 
The equipment of the Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory was specially designed to enable measurements of the heat transfer performance of ACR tubes under fully controlled test conditions. Critical features, such as, the heat transfer coefficient and the pressure drop, are measured using a sophisticated system for condensation and evaporation of HFC and natural refrigerants, as well as, single-phase fluids and fluid mixtures. The flow and thermal parameters are programmed to simulate specific operating conditions, such as, refrigerant flow rate, saturation temperature, vapor quality, thermal capacity, etc., thus allowing HALCOR’s engineers to study the influence of the inner-groove design. 
The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory gives HALCOR the capability to incorporate test results in a complete framework of technical support to manufacturers of heat-exchangers, with the purpose of optimizing their heat-exchanger design for:
  • Improved efficiency
  • Higher capacity
  • Reduction of raw material
  • Compact heat-exchanger size
  • Reduction of refrigerant charge
The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory offers a superior advantage to HALCOR’s clients by giving them the opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial co-operation within an integrated support and product development framework. The niche services offered by the Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory are part of the company’s enhanced Technical Marketing function, whose orientation is to focus on the key features of HALCOR’s copper tubes to better support clients based on the technological understanding of the product. 
The Chillventa International Fair takes place every two years, with over 800 international exhibitors and more than 29,000 trade visitors, in their majority decision-makers. It focuses on the innovation-oriented issues of the future via special shows on clean rooms, refrigerants, energy efficiency, industrial and commercial refrigeration, cooling–heating, regulation, power control, energy-optimized components and solutions for commercial buildings, as well as forums, such as the “Forum Heat Pumps”, the “Industrial Heat Pump Village” and the “Cleanroom Village.”
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