Free Webinar: MicroGroove Copper-Tube Coils

Mark your calendars for 1 pm ET on 11 June 2013. ICA is presenting another free MicroGroove Webinar!
The International Copper Association along with THE NEWS and Appliance Design is sponsoring a new webinar officially titled “MicroGroove Copper-Tube Coils: Moving Beyond Residential Applications.” Although developed initially for the residential market, MicroGroove smaller-diameter copper tubing is also being adopted in larger commercial and industrial applications. The International Copper Association is presenting a new webinar focused on the use of MicroGroove technology in large coils under demanding conditions. Registration has just opened up @
HALCOR supplies smaller-diameter copper MicroGroove tubing to manufacturers of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to meet their demands for reducing energy requirements and material costs. The superior heat transfer of smaller-diameter inner-grooved copper tubes is helping manufacturers meet those demands using familiar manufacturing techniques. HALCOR’s MicroGroove tubing enables the production of high-performance compact coils that transfer heat more efficiently while using less materials. 
Information on MicroGroove research and applications is available on
For the more information on HALCOR’s small-diameter inner-grooved copper tubing please contact 
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