Feel Safe, Feel Protected - Antimicrobial Copper CU+

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our experience with Antimicrobial Copper Cu+®, which is a continuously growing sector covering the increasing need for highly effective antimicrobial materials in diverse environments, including healthcare & medical facilities, schools or sports premises, public transport, food preparation and hospitality. 
HALCOR is licensed from the International Copper Association Ltd to use the Cu+® brand, name or mark and offers a full range of Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® alloy semi-finished products. This is a wide category of materials that are proven to be more effective than any other material in continuously killing 99.9% of the microbes that cause infections, within two hours of contact. 
Moreover, as a member of the Copper Alliance, HALCOR is making efforts to raise awareness and educate its partners and customers about the unique qualities of Antimicrobial Copper. Recently, we launched a dedicated section on our company’s website, available at http://www.halcor.gr/en/corporate-responsibility/copper-and-health/, where you can find more information on Antimicrobial Copper Cu+®, along with educational material about the multiple benefits of antimicrobial copper products.
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