ICAP Group: HALCOR among the “Strongest Companies in Greece”

HALCOR proudly announces its recognition as one of the “Strongest Companies in Greece,” according to the ICAP Group rating, for the second consecutive year. Companies that are recognized among the strongest in Greece achieve the highest ratings AA, A and BB of the ICAP Group credit-rating scale (ICAP Rating Score). The ICAP Group is recognized as an external credit rating agency by the Bank of Greece and as an accepted source of credit rating reports by the European Central Bank. It is worth noting that only one out of ten companies operating in Greece is recognized by the ICAP Group among the strongest from a credit rating perspective.
HALCOR’s evaluation with a high rating score confirms the company’s strong credit capacity, as well as its ability to continue its successful operation as one of the most important metal processing industry groups globally. This rating will significantly facilitate HALCOR’s transactions in Greece and abroad, by providing its partners and customers with an additional confirmation that they are dealing with a credible and strong company.
“Our recognition as one of the strongest companies in Greece for the second time in a row confirms our corporate strategy and demonstrates our company’s prospects and ability to substantially contribute to Greece’s economy. This is based on the fact that HALCOR operates modern industrial facilities, with considerable export activities that produce innovative, quality and globally competitive products, with an ongoing respect to people and the environment,” stated Dr. Periklis Sapountzis, General Manager of HALCOR.
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