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Mission, Vision and Values

Who we are 

Halcor is Europe’s leading copper tubes producer and ElvalHalcor’s copper tubes division. ElvalHalcor is a leading global producer of aluminium and copper products, with more than 80 years of experience and know-how. ElvalHalcor was formed in December 2017 via the merger of Elval, a leading European aluminium rolling industry, and Halcor. It is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.
ElvalHalcor’s copper division consists of Halcor, which produces copper tubes (Greece) and the subsidiary companies Sofia Med S.A., which produces rolled and extruded copper and copper alloy products (Bulgaria), Fitco S.A., which produces extruded copper alloy products (Greece) and HC Isitma, producing Ecutherm copper tubes (Turkey), as well as Epiros Metalworks Industry, which processes copper alloys for coins and cups (Greece).
Halcor is  a reliable partner offering top quality copper solutions to international customers from diverse and demanding industries. Halcor maintains the largest and most integrated production unit in Europe and has deep knowledge of its  market, while also utilising cutting-edge technologies to create value for its customers. 
Halcor focuses on quality, offers a wide range of products and demonstrates unique flexibility in the production of particularly competitive solutions that address the specifications of its customers. The Company’s products, the well-known copper tubes with the trademark Talos®, are exported in numerous and major markets on a global level. 
Halcor is steadily growing on the  basis of customer needs while also expanding into new markets, with new products at a competitive cost that are driven by quality, safety and sustainable development. The Company operates responsibly by combining its experience, know-how, talented human resources and the commitment to push itself and its customers forward, always with respect for people and the environment. It is no coincidence that the Company is recognised as the leading copper tubes producer in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Our mission

Halcor grows consistently and responsibly on the basis of a customer-centric approach. The company maintains longstanding partnerships with businesses and professionals as a provider of specialised and reliable copper solutions. Halcor's ambition is to remain a leading copper tubes producer in Europe. Halcor closely monitors the market and develops synergies in order to successfully address the specialised and ever-changing needs of its customers.
Halcor, with a consistent and responsible commercial policy, implements a clear strategy focused on extroversion, production flexibility and continuous upgrading of quality and solutions provided to its customers, building long-standing relationships of trust. By investing in the development of its employees, Halcor adopts a culture of continuous improvement, utilising modern technology with an emphasis on quality and competitiveness. Halcor’s mission is to provide innovative products, and high quality and technology solutions. 

Halcor  aims  to consistently create greater value by investing in cutting-edge technologies with respect for the environment, as well to to contribute systematically and effectively to its sector’s development. 


Our vision 

Halcor's vision is to be a leading point of reference in the global copper tubes market, operating responsibly with a Sustainable Development and offering differentiated, competitive and innovative products along with high quality solutions based on new technologies, to create ever greater value for its  stakeholders.


Our values


We exist and grow on the basis of reliability, and depend on it for the relationships we build internally and externally. All our activities and transactions are defined by responsibility, integrity and business ethics. 


We operate according to the principles of Sustainable Development with respect for people, the environment and society, whether this has to do with our internal processes, product design and development, or the relationships we develop with partners, suppliers and local communities. 


We act with team spirit, devotion and commitment to our customer. We develop innovative solutions and maintain long-lasting partnership relationships based on trust, excellent customer service and the provision of tailor-made services and solutions. Always having the customer at the  focus of all of  our activities , we make every effort to continually improve.  


We operate transparently, maintain and develop a safe workplace environment, respecting human rights and promoting equal opportunities. We maintain and seek open communication with local communities and all our stakeholders.

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