Stakeholder engagement

For HALCOR it is particularly important to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders. Dialogue with stakeholders and exchanging views with them is a key issue and a condition for strategically managing the HALCOR’s Sustainable Development issues.
HALCOR recognises the importance of engaging in dialogue with its various stakeholder groups (comprised of natural persons and legal entities that affect or are affected directly or indirectly by how the HALCOR operates). To identify the HALCOR’s stakeholder groups, a specific internal procedure was followed (consultation between members of the Sustainable Development team and prioritisation of stakeholders). Using the stakeholder identification procedure, the HALCOR's main stakeholder groups who were identified are as follows:

Relationship-Interaction Framework with Direct - Key Stakeholders

Communicating with stakeholders means that HALCOR can identify the key issues of concern to each group. HALCOR records those issues and plans how it will act in order to ensure an optimal response and to achieve continuing improvements in those specific sectors. The table below presents the key issues of concern to stakeholders based on Company contacts with them and HALCOR’s response / actions.
The key issues for dialogue with each group of stakeholders are what HALCOR focuses its actions and energies on, to improve its performance. Publication of the annual Sustainable Development Report is a commitment the Company has made, and a move which promotes transparency and provides information to all stakeholders about its actions and the measures it takes, and about how it responds to important issues and to stakeholder expectations.
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