Environmental policy

HALCOR’s management team is committed to environmental protection, a commitment it implements by comprehensively managing the environmental impacts of its operations. To achieve this, the Company has adopted a specific Environmental Policy and is committed to implementing it as part of an ISO 14001:2004 certified Environmental Management System which applies to all its production plants.
 ‘’As an environmentally responsible Company, HALCOR will not jeopardize the development and quality of life of future generations. The company is committed to saving natural resources, water, energy and raw materials in particular and to continuous improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with all requirements legal and other, by providing all the necessary means. This commitment is proved by the Company’s transparent operation, its full compliance with environmental regulations and legislation as well as its commitment to invest in technologies and equipment that minimize environmental impact. Additionally, this commitment is evident by its relevant policy, systems and development of know-how for sustainable development.’’

Environmental Principles 

HALCOR’s Environmental Policy is based on the following environmental principles:
  • Compliance with existing national and European environmental legislation and compliance with emission limits at Company plants.
  • Responsible operation with full knowledge of existing and potential environmental consequences and taking appropriate measures to reduce these.
  • Cooperation with licensed waste management companies (for the collection, transportation, further use and disposal of waste), that follow practices in full compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Continuous improvement of the HALCOR environmental performance and minimisation of the environmental impact from its operations.
  • Transparency via open communication between the Company and all stakeholders on environmental issues.
  • Continuous Training, updating and awareness of employees on environmental issues so that they actively participate in matters of environmental concern.
  • Implementation of an Environmental Management System to ensure continuous improvement in the Company’s environmental performance and full compliance with the relevant legislation. 
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