Supporting local communities

HALCOR as an active corporate citizen supports local community and economy through various ways.

Supporting Local Associations 

Each year HALCOR supports a series of activities for the society responding to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders (local communities, NGOs, schools and local bodies), thereby displaying its social concern in very practical terms.

Supporting Local Suppliers 

HALCOR is always there for the local community and encourages the growth and development of the local market across the board in all areas where it operates. When evaluating potential suppliers, it views the fact that they come from the local area in a positive light, and wherever feasible collaborates with suppliers and contractors locally (from the wider Evia and Viotia areas).

Drawing employees from the local community

In order to bolster local employment levels, HALCOR draws a significant part of its staff from members of the local community. 14% of managers and senior executives also come from the local community.


170 employees out of 416 (41% of the total number of staff) comes from the local area 

* 2014 Data

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