Production Plants

Production PlantsThe uncompromising quality and reliability of Halcor's products and services are the foundations on which the copper segment forges strong partnership links with major customers in Greece and abroad.

The production base of copper segment includes 8 plants in Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, which are in a position to deliver innovative products with high quality characteristics at all times.

Production UnitLocationScope of production 
HALCOR FoundryOinofytaCopper and copper alloys billets 
HALCOR Copper Tubes PlantOinofytaCopper tubes for heating, water supply, cooling, natural gas transport, air conditioning and industrial use 


Copper Processing Plant

Sofia (Bulgaria)Flat copper, brass and special-alloy products, copper bus bars and rods 


Brass Bars and Tubes Extrusion Plant

OinofytaFinished brass products (bars, profiles, rods, wires and tubes) 


Coin Blanks Manufacturer

Kefalovrysso Pogoniou, IoanninaCoin blanks and rings for bi-colour coins 


Production of Enameled winding wires

ThivaEnameled wires manufacturer 

HC Isitma (joint venture with Cantas A.S.)

Coated copper tubes plant

Istanbul (Turkey)Production of coated copper tubes for heating, water supply, cooling  

Nedzink Titanium Zinc Rolling Mill Factory


The NetherlandsRolled titanium zinc products: Zinc facades and – roofs (e.g. standing seam), natural zinc, pre-weathered zinc (patinated) in coils, sheets, strips, gutters and accessories.