For the fifth consecutive year DIRECTION BUSINESS NETWORK organized with great success the annual institution "PROTAGONISTS OF THE GREEK ECONOMY".The event took place on Monday June 10th., 2019 at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall, under the auspices of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the Ministry of Development. Companies that are leaders and supporting the Greek economy, are being awarded in this event. HYDROMARIN S.A. was awarded as the "GREEK BUSINESS CHAMPION", an award given to companies with a turnover of over € 10M and an increase above 20% in both turnover, as well as earnings before taxes. Management members of Halcor the Copper Tube Division of ElvalHalcor S.A. were invited and attended the event. Our company congratulates HYDROMARIN S.A. for this honorary distinction and wishes equal success to all companies of Water/Heating industry.

POSTED 14-06-2019

The first technical seminars of Halcor for 2019 in Xanthi and Alexandroupolis in collaboration with the Association of Thermohydraulics in Xanthi and the Alexandroupolis Licensed Thermohydraulic Association took place with great success and wide participation. The topics of the individual presentations made by the Sales Director of Greece Mr. Vassilis Giotopoulos and the executives of the company Mr. Petros Saloufakos, Mr. Evangelos Kollios and Mr. Christos Alexandris were as follows: Corporate presentation Halcor Cusmart copper tubes Insulations - technical presentation of copper tubes Copper and natural gas Copper tube certifications In addition to presenting products and analyzing specifications, the seminars focused on updating the European Regulation EN 305/2011, which requires the use of certified CE marked materials in construction to ensure consumer protection.

POSTED 14-05-2019

With great success and widespread participation, the conference was held on the subject of "Water Management, Energy Saving", in which Halcor participated as a major sponsor. Our company was mentioned during the opening speech of OBYE President Mr. D. Vargiamis who thanked us and pointed out our continuous offered support to the Federation and the wider industry through the actions undertaken. Halcor’s Sales Manager for Greece, Mr.Vassilis Giotopoulos thanked OBYE and its Bureau for the invitation and the long term cooperation and referred to his presentation on how a Greek company with vision, strategy and persistence manages to be the first company in Europe in production of copper tubes achieving continuously increasing market shares.

POSTED 09-04-2019

ElvalHalcor was awarded as one of the most dynamic and particularly export-oriented Greek companies in the Annual Forum of Business Excellence for Outward-Looking Greece, “Creative Greece Awards 2019”, which was held on Thursday, April 4th, at the Athens Hilton hotel. The event “Creative Greece 2019”, which was organized by New Times Publishing, under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the Hellenic Federation of Northern Greece Enterprises (SVE) and other Industrial and export bodies, a number of executives from the most dynamic companies, state representatives and members attended by sending a resounding message of optimism, as the extroversion of Greek businesses is growing significantly.ElvalHalcor is an important player in the non-ferrous metals industry, with global presence and high expertise in the aluminium and copper segments.

POSTED 08-04-2019

Together with our subsidiary in Germany, MKC Metall KundenCenter GmbH as co-participant and several co-workers and colleagues from different parts of Europe, we joined forces so as to present our valuable products and demonstrate responsibly with thoroughness, accuracy and integrity the values and advantages of working with our company. Demonstrated and proved that no matter the size and traffic of the exhibition, we provided quality time and service to all customers and visitors from our teams’ dedication and commitments that we share, providing excellent customer service and offering tailor made solutions and opened our doors for new prospects and business opportunities.

POSTED 18-03-2019

For the second time in a row, Halcor’s Running Team participated in the Athens Half Marathon that was held in Zappeion on Sunday 17.03.2019. In this ultimate spring sport event the team of Halcor consisted of 27 employees, who joined the races of 21 and 5 km with great enthusiasm, joy, team spirit and very good results. This was an excellent start of the year and a perfect training opportunity, towards our goal for the participation in the Athens Authentic Marathon in November 2019. Congratulations to all participants!

POSTED 17-03-2019

ElvalHalcor gained a significant distinction in the "Investments" category in the growth and competitiveness awards "Growth Awards". For the third consecutive year, the Growth Awards, an initiative of Eurobank and Grant Thornton, was successfully completed. Seven companies were rewarded on the grounds of their best practices and their contribution to shaping the modern entrepreneurial landscape in Greece. The ceremony of the «Growth Awards», took place on March 14, 2019, at Megaro Mousikis Athinon. ElvalHalcor's vice chairman, Mr. Dimitris Kyriacopoulos, received the award and made the following statement: "For us, this distinction rewards ElvalHalcor's investment commitment, based on continual innovation, competitiveness and Sustainable Development". At the same time, he mentioned the decisive contribution of the company's people and noted that: "their high expertise and know-how, their dedication and their creativity lead ElvaHalcor to continual growth and business success".

POSTED 03-03-2019

The exhibition features highlights that include the first issue of special and commemorative coins. It is a platform for attendees to increase their knowledge about the history of coins of different countries. In recent years, the World Money Fair has established itself as a visitor fair for everyone presenting coins. The fair is a fixed date for coin collectors, coin dealers, coin producers and the supplier industry. Epirus Metalworks is one of the leading manufacturers of coin blanks in Europe and participated the show. Its state-of the-art manufacturing plant produces all types of coin blanks and rings for bi-colour coins.

POSTED 05-02-2019

Halcor held its Annual Sales Meeting which target was to update on the company's performance in relation to previous year and in terms of production, financial results, achievement of commercial objectives and to provide special training in special themes such as modern costing methods. In addition, previous year results were reported and an update of the budget and sales plan targets for the current year were communicated. Financials (S. Kokolis, CFO) Production (A. Kaimenopoulos, Copper Tubes Factory Director) Voice of business (G. Mavraganis, Strategic Planning & CSR Director) Competition analysis (A. Kompotis, Financial Information Controller) Costing methods for industrial products (D. Kaforos, CFO Assistant) Sales (P. Lolos, Commercial Director)

POSTED 19-01-2019

The Can Recycling Centre (CANAL) of Elval (the aluminium rolling division of ElvalHalcor) gained a significant distinction in the “Bravo Society” category (large companies classification), in the framework of the «Bravo Sustainability Awards». The ceremony of the «Bravo Sustainability Awards 2018», took place on December 11, 2018, at the Megaro Mousikis Athinon, organized by the QualityNet Foundation.CANAL is a pioneering recycling centre, which accepts, separates and packages aluminium used beverage cans. .

POSTED 14-01-2019