Environmental & Energy Policy



The Company is committed to working with absolute responsibility and respect for the environment and society. Proper environmental and energy management of production and storage facilities is one of our key objectives and is considered essential to the sustainability of our activities.


The main parameters that govern the above mentioned terms and functions, are integrated into  the Environmental and Energy Management System which is in compliance at least with the organisational and managerial requirements that are prescribed in the International Standards EN ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and apply to all of our activities, for the design, production, sales and formation of company products. The principles that the implementation of the Environmental and Energy Management System is based upon, are specified in the present Environmental and Energy Policy as follows:



  • We are committed to always operate in compliance with applicable national and EU environmental legislation, to satisfy applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption, as well as to operate in compliance with the specific environmental operational terms of each plant, and to comply with all environmental emission limits (water effluents and air emissions).


·         We operate responsibly, having full knowledge of our environmental impacts, we assess the environmental and production process risks and set up mechanisms for the monitoring of environmental aspects, energy use and consumption.


·         We set targets of the company's environmental and energy management system, as well as goals for continuously improving of our environmental and energy performance and minimization of our environmental and energy footprint whenever possible, which we are committed to meet. We train our employees so that they participate actively in environmental and energy management issues and understand the Company's targets.


·         We cooperate exclusively with properly licensed contractors for the management of the generated wastes by giving priority to compatible methods according to the principles of the circular economy.


  • All waste, hazardous or not, is sorted out and stored in discrete areas, properly labeled, taking all necessary precautions.


·         We are committed to the preservation of natural resources, in particular water, energy and raw materials, as well as for continuous improvement, protection of the environment and prevention of pollution, as well as to complacency to all relative obligations, apart from legislative, disposing all necessary means. Striving to be proactive, all the necessary preventive measures to ensure environmental protection are undertaken (i.e. secondary containment) for the storage of hazardous substances/materials (fuels, lubricants, solvents, etc.).


  • Environmental and energy performance is regularly self-evaluated against the standards of the Company, whereas, in the same context, we conduct plans to improve our environmental and energy performance, set up goals and objectives to meet.
  • We ensure the availability of information and necessary resources to meet our environmental and energy goals.


  • We are committed to delivering environmentally and energy efficient products and services


  • We support design activities such as facilities, equipment, systems and energy-using processes that consider energy performance improvement.


  • We operate in a state of absolute transparency and participate in an open dialogue on environmental issues with all our stakeholders.


The above Policy is available to the public and is communicated to all personnel and partners of ElvalHalcor, whom the company demands its full implementation.

The present Policy is determined by the Top Management of ElvalHalcor and is being reviewed regularly with respect to its applicability and effectiveness, being committed to the company’s continuous improvement on that and all areas of environmental and energy management.


Halcor Managing Director

Panos Lolos