Health & Safety Policy

One of the company’s primary goals is to provide a safe workplace for its personnel and all related employees of its partners such as customers, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, business associates and any other visitors. 
Our target is "No incidents and work-related illnesses in the workplace" 
  • We strive to create a Health and Safety culture where all incidents and work-related illnesses can be prevented
  • We are committed to comply with applicable legal and other requirements and to a full implementation of standards, corporate and internal policies and procedures on occupational Health and Safety issues.
  • We identify and evaluate the potential Health and Safety risks in our business processes. We take all possible measures for incidents and work-related illnesses in the workplace prevention by eliminate the hazard, or control the risk when the hazard cannot be eliminated.
  • All incidents (accidents, near-misses, unsafe conditions and actions, property damage) are reported and root cause analysis carried out, in order to take corrective and preventive actions.  
  • We always respond with transparency to all stakeholders’ questions about occupational Health and Safety matters.
  • We recognize the importance of Health and Safety factors and work to continuously update, train and improve the human resources of the Company and its partners. 
  • We support the active involvement and consultation of all of the Company's human resources and its partners, for the continuous improvement of our Health and Safety performance.
  • We promote Health and Safety as the dominant criterion in all corporate governance processes and corporate culture. 
  • We exert zero tolerance to deviations from the agreed Health and Safety regulations for all our employees and partners. 
The commitment of every single employee and partner to maintain Health and Safety "everywhere and always" is a prerequisite for cooperation.
The policy is reviewed annually by the Company's Management.
Governance and Accountability
Responsibility for the implementation of this Policy lies with the General Manager of ElvalHalcor – Copper and Alloys Extrusion Division.
ElvalHalcor – Copper and Alloys Extrusion Division shall comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety policy as well as national laws and regulations. Should there be differences between the content of this policy and the national laws or other applicable standards, the more rigorous requirements shall apply. 
ElvalHalcor – Copper and Alloys Extrusion Division
General Manager
Panos Lolos