Health & Safety Policy

The company's primary purpose is to promote the Health and Safety of its personnel and all related employees such as customers, suppliers, contractors and visitors. 
Our main goal: "No accidents and no illnesses in the workplace"

  • We are committed to strict compliance with applicable legislation and to the full implementation of standards, corporate and internal policies and procedures on occupational Health and Safety issues.
  • We seek and assess the potential Health and Safety risks in our business processes. We take all possible measures to eliminate them immediately.
  • All incidents (accidents, near-accidents) are reported in detail and analysed, so that appropriate corrective and preventive measures are taken to avoid them happening again.
  • We always respond openly and transparently to all questions about occupational Health and Safety.
  • We recognize the importance of Health and Safety factors and work to continuously update, educate and improve the human resources of the Company and its partners in this area.
  • We support the active involvement of all of the Company's human resources, regardless of their position in the company, as well as our partners, to work to improve our Health and Safety performance.
  • We constantly strive to promote Health and Safety as the dominant criterion in all corporate governance processes and corporate culture. 
  • We show zero tolerance to deviations from the agreed Health and Safety regulations for all our employees and partners. 
  • Management is committed to continually improving the company's Health and Safety performance and management system. 

The commitment of every single employee and partner to maintaining health and safety "everywhere and always" is a prerequisite for cooperation.

Health and safety is an issue for us all.

This policy is reviewed annually by the Company's Management.

Halcor Managing Director

Panos Lolos